Indian Art

One of the most talked about destinations today is India. The country is making great strides in almost every field including art, fashion and lifestyle. The Indian cinematic extravaganzas churned out by its homegrown film industry Bollywood are now top grossers around the world. The Indian effect can be seen and felt in almost every aspect of life and has come to stay!

To understand a bit more about the phenomenon of the Indian effect, one has to take a deeper look at India, its culture and history. The impact of various empires, dynasties as well as trade with both the east and the west is all interwoven into its fabric.

Art in India is not found in museums or closed private collections – it can be seen, experienced and felt in almost every aspect of life. While walking through tiny by lanes when you look at the trellises or the intricately embroidered stoles that jauntily sway in the wind beckoning customers into tiny cramped stores, the beautiful painting on display at any of the fabulous hotels and in every monument you visit. Take the time to experience India’s living art heritage which out in the open for everyone to see.

Stop and look carefully at the intricate designs of inlay work on the Taj Mahal, or the intricate miniature painting and frescos in the palaces and forts of Rajasthan, the beautiful bas relief on temples and the amazing amount of art in the form of saris, turbans, jewelry, pottery and more.

What is wonderful is the way the art that can be seen today is an amalgamation of different eras, cultures, religions and customs. Come to India to experience art in all its forms, allow us to introduce you to the country in such a way that we bring out every beautiful detail.

Join us on this tour and apart from regular sightseeing, you will also visit some great galleries, meet artists and visit small workshops where dying art is kept alive by passionate individuals.

*Three nights in Delhi, two nights in Varanasi, one night in Agra, two nights in Jaipur, one night in Delhi flying out late on the second night.

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  • A completely escorted tour within India 
  • Accommodation on bed & breakfast basis in Five star hotels throughout
  • See some of India’s most culturally rich cities
  • Visit 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites amongst other sightseeing
  • Enjoy a visit to a local artists home
  • Visit the famous National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi as well as a private Art Gallery
  • Enjoy a soul stirring prayer ceremony in Varanasi and take a cruise on the holy Ganges
  • Learn Yoga from a master in Varanasi 
  • Visit a boutique to see how a Benarasi Silk Saree is woven
  • Watch artists do intricate inlay work in marble in Agra
  • Visit a workshop that is keeping the dying art of blue pottery alive in Jaipur
  • See amazing sculptures in caves on an island off Mumbai
  • Visit a private Art Gallery in Mumbai

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