Journey to India

Written by Gillian Key

We are a family who really just live to taste and eat different foods, particularly food that’s made with love and good quality ingredients. It does not have to be fancy, difficult to prepare or impressive, just totally delicious!

We started exploring Indian cooking, buying recipe books and cooking at home, going to Indian restaurants in Cape Town, and doing the odd Indian cooking course. We fell deeply in love with the wonderful variety of astounding flavours, from subtle and creamy to fiery and rich. The love affair grew and we made a decision to try and get to India and eat, which we did in April 2013.

We understood from friends that we could not go to India in a spontaneous manner, but would need to plan and arrange a guided tour. We did not want to do a traditional tour as our focus was primarily food, and obviously seeing some of the Indian highlights.

We are lucky enough to have been connected to a friend of a friend in tourism in India, who was able to put together a tailormade trip for us. We were joined by friends of ours, so the group became 4 adults and 4 children, ages 14,11,10 and 10.

We were given superb guidance and advice by our very experienced tour operator, before setting foot on the aeroplane, which made the tour a relaxed and easy holiday.

Read our next post, for more on our Journey to India.