Preparing for India

Written by Gillian Key

Preparation was a mixture of thinking that some of the things we were taking seemed ridiculous and others quite logical. The fear of dehli-belly was huge, so all the regular tummy meds in huge quantities were purchased. We got prescriptions from the doctor for powerful stomach antibiotics as well as one for any kind of general infection.We bought lots of handwipes, travelpack tissues and washing powder. The washing powder meant we could travel light and do lots of shopping! As it is hot and sweaty, you do lots of washing and things take very little time to dry.

Comfortable hats were purchased, peak cap for me and lovely panama hat for Richard. Sensible day back packs for day outings were a great purchase too. Good,comfortable slip slops were my daily wear, a light pair of takkies for certain days when we needed to do lots of walking were necessary. Pure cotton clothing as light as possible was suggested as you need to be covered up, it is really sensible as you do not want to get sunburnt and it is cooler to be covered with a thin layer, so no strappy tops needed! Wash and wear was a daily occurrence (so that we could still fit carpets into our suitcase on return.)

Soon, we were ready to embark on our journey.